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Chris Gregoire withhold public records ON Thursday the Washington Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments on whether Gov. Chris Gregoire has an executive privilege to withhold internal documents from the public. No such privilege exists in state statute, and the court should not invent one. The roots of this case, Freedom Foundation v. Gregoire,go back to the early 1970s. The president then, Richard Nixon, had taped his conversations in the Oval Office. During the fight to remove him from office, he was served a subpoena for some of the tapes, and he claimed an unqualified executive privilege. Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Nixonthat the Constitution description of his powers implied a privilege that did not protect the tapes. Gregoire now cites Nixon to claim that the governor of Washington has a qualified privilege implied in the state constitution. But a governor is a lesser official; she is not dealing in military, diplomatic or national security secrets. The
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